Windows Development

  • Use Visual Studio 2015 with the C++ build tools
  • Get Unreal v4.21 via the Epic Launcher -> Unreal Engine tab -> Library
  • Optionally download Unreal sources and debugging symbols in the Epic Launcher
Windows Unreal Install Options
  • Download UnrealEnginePython [python binaries] into Plugins/UnrealEnginePython/Binaries
  • Install the Substance Plugin through the Marketplace in Epic Launcher
  • Open DeepDrive.uproject with the version of Unreal Editor you just installed - if there are errors, check Saved/Logs for details
  • Refresh / Create Visual Studio project
  • Open the Visual Studio Project
  • Close Unreal
  • Right click the DeepDrive project and set as Startup Project, debug...
  • To run game full speed when the window is not focused
  • Uncheck Edit->Editor Preferences->Use Less CPU when in Background