Traditional Unreal Setup

  • Clone this repo
  • Clone our UnrealEnginePython fork into the root of this project (not a submodule as we are going to make this a binary only)
cd Plugins
git clone
  • Tip: To avoid rebuilding UnrealEnginePython, move Plugins/UnrealEnginePython to your Engine plugins folder, i.e. <your-unreal-dir>/Engine/Plugins/UnrealEnginePython/ after you've built the deepdrive-sim project with the plugin in deepdrive-sim/Plugins.
git clone [email protected]:EpicGames/UnrealEngine --branch 4.21
# or if you are using http:
# git clone --branch 4.21
<your-unreal-dir> is now populated with the Unreal Engine source.

Build Unreal

Takes an hour with 12 cores
cd UnrealEngine
./ && ./ && make
More details on building Unreal here, though the above commands should be sufficient.

Get the substance plugin

Download the Substance plugin from here and unzip the Plugins/Runtime/Substance folder within it to <your-unreal-dir>/Plugins/Runtime for Unreal 4.21. For other releases, see here or you can just use the sources downloaded by Windows / Mac marketplace.

Run the editor

Finally open the deepdrive-sim uproject file within the editor.