Export from prebuilt docker image


  • NVIDIA Docker 2

Make sure the ue4-ci-helpers package is up to date

pip install --upgrade ue4-ci-helpers
pip install ue4-docker

Build the ue4-full image


Build the deepdriveio/ue4-deepdrive-deps image


Export Unreal to your local filesystem

ue4-docker export installed deepdriveio/ue4-deepdrive-deps:latest ~/UnrealInstalled

Set the default version of Unreal with the ue4cli

ue4 setroot ~/UnrealInstalled

Build and run the project against the exported UnrealEngine

Now you're ready to build and run the project. This is what you'll do any time you've pulled in the latest changes from GitHub as well.

Download maps

python Packaging/package.py --download-jamestown

Clean and build

Do the following the first time you export or anytime you pull latest from deepdrive-sim.

Clean your deepdrive-sim project directory to clear any stale build data


Build and run - takes ~5 minutes

ue4 build
ue4 run

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